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The success story of Bonnier Innovation Awards

First introduced in 2018, Bonnier Innovation Awards is a day of inspiration, learning and networking. A day for Bonnier to celebrate and recognize the best innovation within the company and the people behind it.

Using online registration´s full potential

Right from the start, Bonnier wanted more than just gathering guest information in the registration; they wanted to engage and interact. To engage, all invited guests got tasks to solve, report back on and submit when registering before the event. Using the online registration saved both guest´s and Bonnier’s time. Once the Bonnier Awards started, all guest information was seamlessly integrated in the app and participants’ profiles. Creating a seamless user journey and an appreciated easy administration within the same system, making Guestlogic a one-stop-shop for Bonnier.

Content and gamification was key to guest engagement

Like most clients who invest in an event app, Bonnier wanted to encourage a high level of guest engagement. Their PR and content team did a great job of using content and push notifications to keep guests in the loop. In the app, integrated gamification of guest´s actions engaged them to score points e.g. posting a profile picture gave 20 points and answering a poll or survey scored 10 points. The most active participants were presented on the leaderboard in the app.


Client quotation

“The Guestlogic app provided real added value to the Bonnier Innovation Awards and turned out to be a great way to communicate with the participants and give them that something extra. We started with a simple app with lots of potential, then together with Guestlogic we developed it to the maximum. Guestlogic not only gave us great ideas, but they came up with good solutions to our requests and were very easy to work with, up to and including throughout the actual event.” Elina Larsson, project manager for the Bonnier Innovation Awards.